FW: Getting the Rush Job at James

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From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, September 26, 2008
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Getting the Rush Job at James


Saturday night I took a date to newly Bruni-reviewed James in Prospect Heights to celebrate his birthday. We arrived at 8 pm, found two open seats at the bar, and happily waited 45 minutes to be seated.

Once we sat, our hurried server did nothing but try to rush us out of dinner. First she insisted we order our entrees with our appetizers, and that they would be timed appropriately. Sure, if you want to eat your dinner two minutes after your appetizers are cleared.

A mere 50 minutes after we were were seated, our server was hurrying us into choosing dessert. She said, "there are a ton of people waiting to sit so we have to move tables. The wait is over two hours right now." Then she suggested we finish our bottle of wine at the bar!For more stories from Eater, go to eater.com.

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