Funny Tickets in the Burg: We always knew the NYPD had…

We always knew the NYPD had a really good sense of humor. In Williamsburg, cops are "plastering parked vehicles" with "fliers that look a lot like parking tickets." Actually, they say inside: "A warning from the 90th Precinct. We are advising that personal property such as handbags, wallets, iPods, not be left in open areas (where they can be seen) inside your vehicle." Uh, no kidding, Sherlock. One cop says: "People are actually relieved when they open it and see it's not a ticket." Is "relieved" the right word to use in this context? Up next, guns they point at you that shoot out a banner that says "Bang. You're not supposed to jaywalk." [NYP]For more stories from Curbed, go to

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