fun. Play For a Purpose

fun. play a private acoustic show at Bowery Ballroom to mark the kickoff of the 2012 Campus Consciousness Tour

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Michel Dussack
Indie pop band fun. celebrate the kickoff of the Fall 2012 Campus Consciousness Tour with a private acoustic set at Bowery Ballroom. Photos by Michel Dussack
Nate Ruess, the energetic singer of fun. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Guitarist Jack Antonoff normally doesn't stand still during the bands performances, however this show was a bit different. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Rounding out the band is Andrew Dost, their piano player. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The band performed four songs acoustically during the extremely intimate event. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Three of the songs were from the bands breakthrough album "Some Nights". Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
In fact, thosethree songs happened to be the three singles from the album - "Carry On", "Some Nights" and "We Are Young". Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The band also played "The Gambler" off their debut album "Aim and Ignite". Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The show served a purpose other than to promote the current tour however, something the band touched about in the middle of their set. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
After two songs, the band sat down with people from Ben & Jerry's and Reverb to talk about the purpose of the Campus Consciousness Tour. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
While the tour has always emphasized being eco-friendly, this year it is about even more than that. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The tour also serves as an opportunity for fans to connect with LGBTQ organizations including The Ally Coalition. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The Ally Coalition was formed by the band members as well as Rachel Antonoff, Jack's singer. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Additionally, the tour promotes something called Getting The Dough Out of Politics, which promotes spending less money on politics to redirect it where it is more needed. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The show was a unique way to get the word out about the causes that this tour was supporting as opposed to the typical press blast. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
It also served as a rare chance to see one of 2012's biggest breakout artists in a venue that is now intimate for them. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Nate was, as always, note perfect when it came to singing the songs throughout the set. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The intimate setting also allowed the band the opportunity to have casual banter and joke around on stage. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Early on, Nate spoke about how it was up coughing for an hour last night, a story which clearly bored Jack as he kept interrupting him playfully. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Andrew Dost quickly chimed in with a poorly delivered joke involving a runaway coffin and a man asking a pharmacist for something to stop the coffin. Photos by Michel Dussack
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