Full-on Meat Puppet Revival

Diesel's spokespuppet and the "Too high to Die Guys" meet in a carnivorous convergence of pop culture. The band plays two shows this week. The puppet's just disturbing.

courtesy The Meat Puppets

Meat puppets of every stripe seem to be popping up all over. First the psychedelic pop punk players from the desert. We're talking about the '90s band here—an inspiration to the likes of bands as diverse Nirvana and maybe Stone Temple Pilots (whom the Puppets keep opening for). After a couple of nights at Terminal 5 this fall, the band gigged at the All Tomorrow's Parties "Nightmare Before Christmas" show in England last week along with other where-are-they-now faves as the Butthole Surfers and the Melvins (who curated the show along with Mike Patton).

Now, just in time for the release of Diesel Jeans' spokespuppet made of meat, the Meat Puppets (the band) are back in NYC, playing tonight at Maxwell's in Hoboken and Saturday at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The puppet with propensity for snorting lines and frequenting hookers, is named Pete the Meat Puppet (surprisingly, this is not a nickname for the Fall Out Boy frontman) and has nothing to do with the band with a propensity for taking LSD and wearing dresses.

So what if some confused hipsters in absurdly overpriced skinny jeans from Diesel show up expecting to see this guy?

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