Free People's New Spin-Off We The Free Has Those Initials for a Reason

[Image via Brownstoner]

The latest stand-alone brand from Urban Outfitters, We the Free, recently opened its first-ever store at 113 Smith and Pacific Avenue in Brooklyn. Aesthetically, the store seems pretty much exactly like Free People (which still carries We the Free in its own shops) but apparently buying clothing there is a completely different experience. Writes blogger Cheap JAP:

Now, WTF's Brooklyn store doesn't have racks of clothing. Every item is artfully arranged on the vast brick walls; you tell the salesgirl your size, she retrieves it for you to try on. A cool concept...until one wants to know how much something costs. The display stuff is conveniently unreachable and/or untagged. This allows the salesgirls to bullshit you with the numbers.

CJ found that no matter what she picked, the clerks told her it cost "about $100," which could mean anything from $80 for a t-shirt to $168 for suspenders (yes, suspenders.) We imagine this set-up is also a barrel of fun for shoppers who are self-conscious about size. WTF, indeed.
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