Foster the People to Play Central Park

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Chuck Lapinsky

Foster The People had one of the year biggest out-of-nowhere hits with "Pumped Up Kicks," the refrain of which you're likely humming to yourself right now. Go ahead. We won't stop you. That "run run/run from my gun" part just won't leave you alone.

"Kicks" was a near perfect alt-rock summer single, and the Los Angeles group hopes that you'll still be in the mood to hear it next summer, as they will play two shows at Central Park's Rumsey Playfield on May 29 and May 30.

Brit poppers The Kooks will offer support, so expect a night full of sing-alongs, especially if Foster's follow-up single "Houdini" becomes the other smash hit that they no doubt are desperately hoping for. 

You can pick up tickets here.

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