Former Rainer Maria Singer Plays Album Release Show At Union Hall

Caithlin De Marrais, former singer of Rainer Maria-turned-solo-artist, will play Union Hall on Nov. 2.

This show will serve the dual purpose of getting the word out about her new solo album out, Red Coats, which comes out on Nov. 8 via End Up, and to promote the self-explanatory political cause “Walmart Free NYC.”

Yellowbirds and Lindsay Sullivan will open; tickets are available here.

De Marrais hails from a long-ago era called "the late '90s" when the term "emo," though still quite disliked then, referred to smart, forward-thinking pop groups like The Promise Ring and Sunny Day Real Estate rather, let’s not go on a rant.

Anyone who feels old looking at a Warped Tour line-up, or just likes smart, poetic (check that band name again) pop-rock, or is perhaps working on a term paper about Austrian bards might want to mark their calendar or head to their record store to pick up Coats. We'll hazard a guess that Walmart won't be stocking that one.

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