The Griffin Door Not Closed Yet

Parry Cardenas

Like the Steve Miller Band — which recently appeared at the Erie County Fair — the owners of meatpacking district super-club the Griffin are keeping the dream alive. Despite rumors (including a post of ours) that the Griffin hasn't paid promoters in months and was expected to close, owner Chris Reda tells us it's not that bad. "We couldn't be happier with the turnout," he says. "Every night that we're open, we're busy, and we're open five nights a week." We even got word after our item ran last week that the Griffin was playing host to several Fashion Week events. We called to find out exactly how many.

First, we called Megan from Nadine Johnson, who reps the club. She put us in touch with Chris Reda. He told us, "As far as which Fashion Week events we're having, I'm not sure. We have ten events for ten days, but Karrie Goldberg of Cage Consulting should know." Karrie told us we should talk to Sasa Nikolic of Fingerprint Communications, which we did. His total count is two: "a Duckie Brown Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Show after-party, and an OK! magazine party to celebrate Kim Kardashian as a contributing beauty editor." Well, so it's not dead. However, if Reda counts two parties as ten, one worries about his facility with numbers. So what about those unpaid promoters? "I don't even take care of the accounting," Reda says. That's comforting.

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