In Praise of Chinese Sausage

Serious Eats asks a random but vital question today: “Who else is a Chinese-sausage lover?”

Totally! Whether it’s diced into lobster sauce at any number of Chinatown holes-in-the-wall, or baked into focaccia at Momofuku Milk Bar, or served as a side for barbecued chicken at Pho Sure, or folded into an omelette at Kuma Inn (or sautéed in Thai chile-lime sauce at new sister restaurant Umi Nom), or made into a consommé for cobia at WD-50 (part of the current tasting menu), or stuffed into an egg-and-cheese sandwich at Mantao, we are 100 percent behind sweet, spicy Chinese sausage. (Why no love for it, DBGB? You are right near Chinatown.)

We’ve already sung the praises of the chicken stuffed with Chinese-sausage sticky rice at Rainbow Café, but perhaps our favorite dish (if only because you have to know how to order it in Chinese, since there is no English menu) is the “som bo faan” at Yuen Yuen (61 Bayard Street, near Mott). Most Chinatown joints opt for roast pork, soy-sauce chicken, and duck in their “three treasure rice,” but Yuen Yuen combines salty chicken, Chinese sausage, and a fried egg over rice to glorious effect.

We’re craving it right now. And don’t get us started on Chinese bacon!

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