Can Lamb Be the New Pork?

092209 lamb pork

Okay, so the headline is blatant sensationalism, but don’t say “bah!” just yet (sorry). There’s just a smidge of evidence that lamb might become the next trendy protein. Josh Ozersky’s annual “meatopia” event was lamb themed, and now Matt Timms of the tofu takedown and others tells us his next cook-off will offer the opportunity to “wolf down” (har-har) the city’s “most awesomest lamb creations.” Like Ozersky’s event, the takedown is sponsored by the American Lamb Board, which seems to be ramping up its presence. And if you’re looking for a recipe, Saveur’s new “Why Lamb Rules” issue has plenty of them.

The magazine argues that delicious lamb has been shunned by home cooks; “that is starting to change, though, as tastes become worldlier and good-quality lamb is increasingly available at butcher shops and supermarkets in an inspiring variety of ages, breeds, and cuts.” Recipes include rack of lamb, lamb chops, lamb meatballs, leg of lamb, lamb Navarin, lamb salad, and lamb sausages. What, no nod to Scott “Shameless Carnivore” Gold’s lamb merguez cupcakes?

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