Flight Of The Conchords Sing-Along

The Bell House once again establishes itself as the city's go-to spot for parties inspired by defunct sitcoms (see: "Saved by the Bell," "Arrested Development") with a "Flight of the Conchords Sing-Along" tonight. The deadpan HBO series about New Zealand's "almost award-winning fourth-most-popular folk parody duo in New Zealand" ended its run in 2009. (The real Conchords are considerably more popular than their TV counterparts.) But the sing-along will bring it back to life with screenings of first season episodes, kiwi-themed cocktails, a trivia contest and a performance from Flight of the Conchords tribute band The Muta'uckas.

Bandmates Brett and Jermaine will enjoy a longer residency at Bell House than they ever did on the show, having secured a second show at next week's celebration of season two.

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