Fletcher by Lyell for Urban Outfitters

Nathaniel Hamilton | NewsWorks.org

Today in capsule collections that we cried tears of joy over (kind of true): Fletcher by Lyell for Urban Outfitters.  When we first got wind of the collaboration we were anticipating feminine, vintage-esque dresses, high waisted tap pants, delicate camisoles and maybe even a playsuit for the brave (the one from the Spring '09 collection is daringly short and body hugging).  The collection is set to hit Urban stores on August 15th, but there are a few pieces being sold online right now.

The selection is pretty limited at present -- two dresses, one cami and, yes, high-waisted tap pants -- overall, what appears to be some pretty darn good versions of our favorite signature Lyell styles.  While we can only imagine the brilliance that could be one of the best Urban collections to date, we'll have to wait until we get to see the collection in it's entirety come Saturday.

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