Fit or Fat? Depends on What Time of Day


People tend to eat more healthfully at home and not so much at work, according to an interesting if not particularly scientific survey conducted by users of The Eatery, an iPhone-application launched by the website Massive Health.

Users of The Eatery record their meals, and other users deem those meals either "Fit or Fat," which is an excellent way to get strangers' opinions on your eating habits, in case that was something you were looking for.

This method of gathering data has several issues, not the least of which is a self-selecting bias. But it's worth looking at anyway.

The Eatery, which landed last week, records data from across the world and found that New York users tend to eat worse throughout the day, often having something nutritious for breakfast and and something less-so for lunch.

People might eat better when they get home, but still not the extent of the meal they started off the day with.

Massive Health states that meals were rated more than 1 million times in just a week.

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