YSL's New Vintage

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YSL's launching a "new vintage" capsule collection at Barneys next month.

The clothes will be made from fabric recycled from the YSL archives and built into some of their most memorable designs. Does that mean safari jackets made from Yves' original left over fabrics or a reconstructed le smoking jacket made from pieces he actually sewed?

Not sure, since the above news is buried in this morning's WWD article on the luxury world's latest tactics for attracting those customers still willing to drop thousands but unwilling to do so without pampering.

The trick is, according to Robert Burke, "to get traffic that’s not associated with sales."

So they're getting personal. Jimmy Choo hosted a party at Tamara Mellon's house, Hermes launched a traveling photo exhibition (of course, the photographs are of Hermes product) around which they throw intimate shopping parties and Jil Sander threw a fashion show for 250 of its nearest and dearest clients which resulted in solid sales for the week directly after.

Apparently, there's no limit on how far luxury brands will go to attract even a single new client - though we bet they'd stop short of tattoos.

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