Yohji Yamamoto, Au Revoir New York

Yohji Yamamoto.JPG

If you have to announce you're closing a New York office - the morning the world's talking about Jason Wu might be the best time to do it.

Yohji Yamamoto's closing his thirteen-year-old stateside press office at the end of this month. One person will stick around until March - probably to help the Adidas team with February's Fall 09 Y-3 show and make sure all press operations are smoothly transferred to Japan.

Unlike a lot of designers making strategic changes, the Japanese brand has no qualms attributing the close to the rough economy, blaming "the economic situation in the U.S."

Not to worry though - as of today, Yamamoto's still planning his Paris shows, and the celebrity extravaganza Y-3 show in New York is definitely still on.

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