WWWWD: The Man Issue


Just in time for the long weekend, the latest issue of WWWWD has arrived to amuse us all. As always we have more than a few favorite moments including but certainly not limited to:

—A timeline of manhood that includes Three Men and a Baby, Tom Brady, Paula Poundstone, Dante, and Lil Bow Wow. Enough said.

—LVMH entering the beer market with a gold-canned brand called Laissez-Faire. Possible face of the brand Jade Jagger loves the idea: "Laissez-Faire combines my two main interests - gold French stuff and beer - into one fabulous thing that will get me wasted."

—Kris Van Assche feeling homesick for himself. But luckily he welcomes himself back with open arms.

—Fashion lovelies reveal what they love in a guy. Grace Coddington's made me spit out my morning Diet Coke.

—Mert & Marcus want nothing to do with Shia LeBeouf's package. Quite frankly, neither do we.

Happy Reading!

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