Would You Wear White To Someone Else's Wedding?

stella mccartney white dress.jpg

With April comes the proximity of June, which, yes, means we're officially in wedding season.

So while discussing attire options for an upcoming betrothal this morning, a debate raged: Is it ok to wear white to somebody else's wedding?

On the one hand, you can usually assume the bride will wear white, and showing up in her signature color is a little like showing up to somebody else's birthday party in a tiara.

But consider this: Plenty of girls are no longer sticking to just white, so if you know the bride's hitting the aisle in, say, blue, does it matter if you don the shade of innocence yourself? And what if your white dress is short anyway? It's not like you'll be mistaken for the girl wearing the veil.

So, an antiquated rule that's sorely unfair to your stash of perfect little summer dresses that happen to be white? Or a move that shows little respect for your friend/relative/acquaintance and also bans you from any of the red wine?



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