Would You Wear Two Shoes?

chris benz at hes just not that into you premiere on styledotcom.jpg

During a high school field trip some years ago, I noticed that one of my classmates had two different sneakers on. As in, her left sneaker was from one pair, and her right from another. When I asked her about it she looked down, laughed, and said she'd overslept and literally gotten dressed in the dark and didn't notice, and maybe wouldn't have, until I asked her about it.

I hadn't seen anyone else pull the two sneaker move until I saw this picture of Chris Benz from the He's Just Not That Into You premiere.

A part of me really likes this idea - on the right person, it's kind of funny, like a nod to junior high fashion antics. But on the wrong person (read: almost everyone, and definitely me), it would look a little like a move made to fit in with the art kids (read: juvenile).

It works on Chris, but Chris is also a tall, thin, cute boy, and it did work on Carrie in that LA episode where she wears different colored Louboutins, but the shades were complementary and designed to be so - plus, it's TV.

So would you ever try wearing two different shoes at the same time? Or is this a sartorial switch that should only happen by accident?

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