Would You Wear Sneaker Wedges?

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Can you tell we're in a very shoe state of mind here at the office today? We can't stop!

While Abby's contemplating Birks, I'm feeling a very different shoe: the Adidas' SLVR 106.

The mesh wedge sneaker has been around for a few months and getting a fair amount of attention. Both Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style and Elizabeth of White Lightning have written them up. But even these two fashion forward ladies are skeptical in their admiration.

Personally, I love them. They're fun and a nice combination (I think) of my two different favorite shoe looks - sneakers and heels. The wedge is orange, a color I'm loving right now. And it's 4 1/2 inches high - perfect for a tiny girl like me. Plus (according to the website) they offer support and as some of us have foot problems, support with a heel could be a major plus.

Ed note from Abby: I fear looking like Victoria Beckham throwing out the first pitch of that Dodgers' game on her show. But I fully support Amanda giving these a go.

For me, Queen Michelle put it best: "it's OK to not be pretty, dammit!" Pretty can be boring, and safe, and these are, if nothing else, interesting.

So what say you?


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