Would You Wear Faux-Denim Leggings?

denim legging jean things from r&r.jpg

Would you wear faux-denim legging jean things?

To clarify, those would be leggings screen printed to look like jeans with pockets, buttons, seams and sometimes even different washes and wrinkles for an authentic touch.

But seriously, we were at the Rock & Republic showroom this morning, which you already know, and one of the mannequins was wearing the leggings (we think they're the same ones at left) from their Spring 09 collection, and from far away they actually looked like jeans. She even had her shirt tucked in.

And yes, we know she's a mannequin - but we actually saw a couple of girls in Paris wearing them, too. Usually layered under t-shirts and cardigans with booties - but we'd always do a double take and think, "Really? Trompe l'oeil denim?"

Super tight super comfortable jeans sound like a no-brainer, but they also sound a touch too LiLo.

So, would you?

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