Would You Wear Bike Shorts?

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The last time I wore bike shorts, I was ten and they were neon green and purple paired with a clashing bikini top.

I have a pretty vivid memory of catching crabs in the San Francisco marina and throwing sand on a boy - so maybe I'm having this reaction to their resurgence because it's the first time I have to say, "Well, if I wore it once, I probably can't wear it again."

But I cannot believe how many pairs of spandex bike shorts I saw this weekend. Despite grumbling hints of their return—they popped up on runways and in a few editorials—it's one of those trends you really have to see in person to believe.

It stopped raining long enough for everyone to break out the spring outfits they've been dying to wear and for so many that meant either a baggy band shirt with shiny spandex shorts, super-short floral dress with shiny spandex shorts and in one case - near the baseball fields in Central Park - a crop top over shiny spandex shorts.

But even if everyone from Alex Wang to Dov Charney tell you they're the coolest thing around, are you actually going to wear them?

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