Would you Wear a Visor?


Your mom probably wore one when she played tennis. Or the kid that got made fun of during summer camp. And Eminem was pretty into wearing one backwards in 2001.

That's right, the visor. There are two basic versions: the sporty, and the beachy.

We've seen the sporty one cropping up ironically on your basic hipster. Michael Kors had the beachy sort all over his Spring 09 runway. Now we're even seeing avant-garde versions.

We're definitely steering clear of the sporty because irony usually fades after a few weeks and then it's just plain ugly. As for the beach, we thought Lara wore a nice one for Michael Kors, and there's a version at Neiman Marcus that we'd even consider calling elegant. But these two mostly just look like hats so...why not just wear a hat?

Is there an appeal to the visor that we're completely missing?


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