Would You Wear a Name On Your Ass?

this chloe swimsuit would be cute if it weren't for.jpg

This morning, while perusing the Net-a-Porter sale's Newest Reductions, I noticed a simple bandeau one-piece that would be perfect for Florida family events. But upon further inspection, I saw that my cute suit blared the name "Chloe" right from where the ass cheeks usually go.

Now, you probably have a good idea as to how I feel about huge logos anyway, but words on my ass? I hadn't given this much thought since the first time I was assaulted by someone's terry-clothed butt cheeks informing me of their Juicy-ness between classes. Needless to say, I did not think this was something in which Chloe partook.

So am I just being a prude? (Britt says words on the butt-area of clothes wouldn't stop her as long as they were small enough / she loved the individual item enough.)

Or do words on people's asses scream "I'm trying to look hot for dodge ball" to you as much as they do to me?

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