Would You Wear a Muff?

would you wear a muff my friend.jpg

Maybe two weeks past the Christmas on which I finally got my Samantha doll, my little sister placed her delicate fur hat atop a light bulb until a hole burned through the top which left the poor doll nothing but her muff to keep warm with.

Ever since then, I've wanted a muff of my own - seriously.

It was a no go in California, and I kind of forgot until this morning when I saw a girl wearing one on the subway which triggered a vague memory of Andre Leon Talley wearing his on the colder days of fashion. Brett thinks they're swell though they need to be tempered with something less sweet, and Natalie thinks they're brilliant for iPod usage.

However, there is the issue of practicality. You can't just stuff a muff into your purse or pockets once you get inside, and you probably can't wear a muff with jeans and sneakers. Well, you can of course, but it'd be sort of like wearing your sequined platforms with a sweatshirt, though less rock and roll.

So before I even wonder where one acquires an open roll of vintage fur, I have to ask if you'd wear one or if the idea's totally ridiculous.

If I find one, I'll probably buy it and wear it regardless of your answer, but I'm wondering, would you wear a muff?

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