Would You Wear a Galabeyah?

lily cole in a caftan which is kind of like a galabeyah so well go with it.jpg

I just returned from a ten-day trip in Egypt, before which I peppered Britt with questions about jewelry, scarves and how to get a seller at the Khan down to 20% off whatever price he initially quoted me. Because she has to, she told me everything she knows, but here's something she forgot to mention: The Galabeyah.

Essentially an Egyptian version of the caftan, you see them everywhere in downtown Cairo, and especially once you start heading south on the Nile. At first, I thought to myself, "Hm, ok." But by day five, I desperately needed to do my laundry, and so I thought it would make for some interesting pictures if I paired one with my bright red Chucks while my jeans tumbled in the wash.

So I bargained for an indigo-colored one with just a bit of light blue embroidery at the neck, and wore it around for an entire day. The effect, I promise you, was transformative.

Not only was I hassled much less while walking market streets, but the heat didn't bother me, I felt like I could eat anything I wanted, and I even considered just sleeping in it and waking to another day without changing my clothes (at my travel companion's behest, I reconsidered).

But here's something I didn't see coming: I brought it home. And not only that, I fully intend on wearing it in New York come July. I know what you're thinking - they're shapeless, they do nothing for you, if you're not model-tall you'll look like you're just wandering the streets in your childhood nightgown (in fact, you might look like that anyway).

But I say: Add some lapis and silver jewelry, a voluminous braid, bright sandals and sunglasses, and you've got a look that (I think) would make an Olsen go "Hmm".

You say: ?

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