Would You Wear a Corny Tee?

vandelay industries.jpg

Have you been wondering what, if anything, you'll get for the holidays this year?

How would you feel it you received, say, the shirt at left? You've probably heard that "escapism" and "fantasy" purchases are doing very well this year (apparently dwindling bank accounts make people want to jump to another life), but would you have guessed prank tees are having their own mini-revolution?

Sites like PrankPlace.com have processed more than double their usual orders lately, due mostly to shoppers scooping up $15 shirts that say stuff like "When I'm Alone, I Google Myself." So here's what we're thinking: If you have a little brother, a big brother, or a mildly funny dad, expect a corny t-shirt this year. Consider this your warning, unless of course you like looking like you're at Six Flags (or in the basement section of Urban - take your pick.)

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