Would You Wear a Cape?

marc jacobs fall 09 cape.jpg

While we’ve always like the idea of capes, their structure has always been a little baffling. Even Britt, who wears hers no matter what her roommates say, finds the awkwardness of where to put your arms (no sleeves? Pseudo sleeves?) and temperature gauging for outside wear (50 degrees? Less? More?) to be a deterrent from sporting the witch-like frock.

But we think it’s about time for us to get over our fear if the Fall runways are any indication of what’s to come (and aren’t they always?). From Marc Jacobs' bright yellow belted version, to Thakoon’s militaristic button down, we think it could be the right time to have some fun with our outerwear.

It might a good idea to start with something a little less intimidating, like Paul Smith’s simpler version. Or you could go all out and embrace the cape for what it is - a stylized version of the blanket, or, the original Snuggie - and throw it on top of your otherwise normal outfit with aplomb.

So, would you wear a cape? Or is this a look better left to Count Dracula impersonators?


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