Would You Not Wear Pants?

would you wear no pants stella ss09.jpg

I am a big fan of short.

Come Spring/Summer, my dresses/skirts/shorts are as short as they can possibly be without causing a scandal. But even I'm thinking twice about the recent crop of pants-less pants.

Stella's Spring 09 runway kicked off the trend (actually, Vlada did at SS08 McQueen). Her little suits and rompers are my dream version of office-wear (if my legs looked anything like Natasha Poly's). Then, the pink and orange Marc by Marc romper sold out on Net-a-Porter within a day, even though it doesn't have legs - just elastic bands and about a half-inch inseam. And last weekend, I seriously contemplated trying on these hot-pants at Urban, in navy blue, until I realized I'd really started to lose it. I have lacy boy shorts that cover more of my bottom.

-- Sidenote: The office thinks I should note that I did once wear pink sequin hotpants in public for an entire night. But it was for a roller skating party and therefore I deem it irrelevant. --

But there's a pretty consistent fashion trickle down. Starts with the runways - Stella, McQueen, Wang. Then hits the celebrities - Lady Gaga and Katie Perry ditched their trousers long ago. Then the high street - Urban, Topshop. And in no time at all, everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Williamsburg residents are running errands with their ass hanging out.

But will you?

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