Would You Dress Like Your Friend?

THAT alex wang jacket.jpg

Last week, Lissy Trullie wore Alexander Wang's denim and leather motorcycle jacket on stage at Union Hall.

Yesterday, a girl lingered outside Cafe Gitane on Mott in hers. Two blocks later (seriously), I saw three girls walking down the street, two of whom were wearing the jacket.

Once, a roommate and I had the same cape. It was about as conspicuous as Alex's jacket - a) it was a cape b) it was white, black and red plaid and c) it had big gold buttons. But she worked uptown and I worked downtown and neither of us wore it while together.

I'm not sure how much I would have to be obsessed with something to actually walk down the street with someone else wearing the same thing. I'm not talking, of course, about jeans or a t-shirt, but about such a signature piece. Especially if its price tag is upwards of $1000, because I will wear it every single day.

But if you're both into fashion and you both fall in love with the same thing, what happens? Do you buy one and share, do you buy two and call each other to schedule everyday, do you rotate seasons or do you just say fuck it and walk through Soho in the same outfit?

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