Would You Buy Pre-Ripped Jeans?

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One of the most frequent questions I got asked while working in retail was, "Why do the ripped jeans cost so much more?"

Well, it's because once you enter the realm of ripped designer denim, each pair is individually stressed. As in, someone sits there with sand paper and various tools to guarantee they look as genuine as possible. But regardless of how much work goes into them, we'd never advocate buying pre-ripped denim.

Why? Natalie says the very idea makes her want to re-introduce "tool" into her vocabulary. And though I have not one but two pairs of extremely ripped jeans in my wardrobe, the holes and tears are due to my penchant for falling, not my willingness to shell out $300 for purposefully destroyed clothes. And apparently the thought of pre-distressed anything, whether it be jeans or furniture, has always been a pet peeve of Faran's.

But the best of the denim brands - Current/Elliot, Genetic, Seven - keep making them which means that people still buy them in an attempt to emulate a rockstar-ness they think can be bought in the Meatpacking District.

Do you?

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