Whose Halloween Party is Kate Moss Hosting?!


Yesterday, we heard from a nightclub owner that Kate Moss was hosting an event - somewhere, for someone - next Friday.

Next Friday, of course, is Halloween.

So let's unravel this trick-or-treating mystery, shall we?

Kate Moss was on the cover of Interview, so it could be their Halloween party. More likely, she's hosting it for V Magazine, because their Halloween bashes are always legendary to the point of "You're making that up, I swear." Or it could be someone she's contractually obligated to play with: Agent Provocateur, perhaps. Or LVMH.

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And if you're planning on dressing up as a fashion fixture for Halloween, we want to know that too - tell us in the comments section. Two years ago, Faran dressed up as Diane Von Furstenberg, which was all well and good until she showed up at the same party as Diane Von Furstenberg...

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