Who Wears Pink?

mk olsen pink tutu seriously.jpg

Fun fact of the day: Pink is the best-selling color of clothing in America.

No, really. We read it on page 94 of Influence (yes, we're kind of obsessed):

Mary-Kate Olsen: Pink is the highest selling color, or so I'm told.

Jack McCollough: It's so weird. I don't ever see anyone in pink, but I always hear that's the highest selling color.

We never see anyone wearing pink. Ever. In fact, this was the only picture of either Olsen in pink that we could find.

Sure, we live in New York, but we hail from all over the country, and Canada, and we don't know anyone, anywhere, (I do own one pair of hot pink skinny cords but I never wear them), who wears pink.

Do you have a secret stash of pink dresses in the back of your closet? Is there someplace in the middle of America where everyone wears pink and smiles all day?

Let us know, k?

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