What Do You Do When…

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Britt has a pair of extremely holey black jeans and yesterday, a guy on the street told her that his mom could sew up the rips if she was interested.

The other day, my brother asked if my vintage Lagerfeld earrings get satellite reception. Last week, I wore shoulder pads and my friend said I looked like a line-backer.

Everyone has different style - that's what makes fashion so fun. But sometimes commenting like a bitch - regardless of the good natured joke at the comment's heart - can leave the trend setter on the defense no matter how confident they might be.

Whether you've shelled out major cash for your outfit or scoured vintage stores to build it, if it's not jeans and a t-shirt and you've made an effort to look semi-stylish you'll probably elicit colorful comments.

For some, like Britt, it's easy to ignore the haters. (Ed. note: I didn't take the line as an insult, but maybe I was supposed to?) For others, like me, insulting my Louboutins is like insulting my [future] offspring. You just don't go there.

Do you have a fall back comeback to insults? Or are you totally immune?


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