Well Red

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Post-Melissa's addiction admission last week, I feel it's time for me to come clean too.

I have sixty-seven bottles of nail polish in my collection, every single one a different color. In fact, I have everything from periwinkle to mod white to highlighter yellow, but there isn't a classic red in the bunch.

Scarlet nails make me think of Melanie Griffith circa 1985. There's always been something old lady-ish, maybe even tacky about a red nail to me, until I tried out Deborah Lippmann’s latest launch, It’s Raining Men. It's the reddest of the red — bright, hot and on the other end of the spectrum from my usual offbeat color selection.

It's both crisp and clean and I love the way it looks on my super-short nails. I'm not sure what triggered this new found love of crimson but I know I’ll be rocking the retro shade all summer. So if Bordeaux's a little too dark and Candy Apple's a little to orange, check this out.


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