We'd Join Ed Westwick's Movement

ed westwick teen vogue photo shoot.jpg

So Gossip Girl's a re-run tonight.

Which means we/you are in desperate need of a dose of Chuck Bass and can thank Teen Vogue for this behind-the-scenes video. Of course, it's even better when it's a dose of Ed Westwick because then he's British and not royally fucked up.

Westwick says of his own style, "I'd like to think it's cool," to which we'd respond that ripped sports jerseys are very difficult to pull off and he shouldn't feel bad for trying. His sartorial choices are inspired by his love of music and apparently, in his Gossip Girl downtime, he has "plans to start a musical movement in New York City."

Wearing Rag & Bone cardigans and Lady Grey necklaces is a good place to start.

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