We Do.

diamond solitaire.jpg

We won't be buying diamonds anytime soon.

First of all, we'd probably lose them. Secondly, we can barely afford trips to Barneys.

But, we are going to buy a couple of these diamond solitaire rings from Erica Weiner as a belated birthday present to ourselves.

The quartz stones, which are a bit rough around the edges, sit in a four-pronged silver setting. The rocks are kind of dirty, and each one is a totally different shape, which means the joke is obvious, and no one's going to think we're actually trying to pass our rocks off as you know, those kind of rocks.

Plus, we love all things stacked - rings, heels, bracelets - and these will go perfectly with everything in anyone's closet.

We kind of picture them to be the perfect accessory to a Ricardo Tisci/Alexander Wang/ Alber Elbaz collection. It's Friday, we can fantasize.

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