Walking Through Runways

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I took a fashion road trip this weekend—after three years in New York, I finally made my way to the much lauded Woodbury Commons.

I'm not a shopping in a group kind of girl and I'm not an outlet kind of girl because it's generally too much effort, but this was like walking through a living archive of legendary runway looks that had me squealing up and down the aisles. Plus at this point in the summer I'll get out of the city any which way I can.

It started at Prada which currently houses an entire rack of AW09 lace priced around $2000—black dresses, gold skirt, blue tops. Anna's favorite floral prints are on the clearance rack for about $400, along with the red and blue checked skirt, a single Harlequin Miu Miu mini and a lone black turban.

Balenciaga's packed with SS08's structured florals—skirts, dresses, jackets—priced under $1000, but it was the riding hats from AW06 that really made me gasp. Alas, they were low on shoes, though I found these at the Neiman Marcus outlet for $200 (along with the pink fur stole from Chris Benz's AW08).

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