Vera, Miu & Barbie

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The past month has seen two major New York store openings.

Vera Wang opened up shop in Soho while Miu Miu added a third New York City location on 57th St, both of which seemed to laugh in the face of economic catastrophe.

It's a good thing Vera Wang opened that store - she needs it to show her Fall 2009 collection. After a week of rumors regarding her bowing out of Bryant Park, she's made the official announcement. The designer won't stoop so low as a presentation, instead she'll set up a runway in her Mercer Street store. The smaller venue means a significantly smaller audience and the intimate, party-like feel that comes with an off-site show.

Meanwhile, Miu Miu closed their Madison and 69th Street store. The uptown space, only open since 2002, was emptied and shut with absolutely no fanfare yesterday according to The Daily.

The good news is, things will be decidedly less hectic on 42nd and 6th come February.

The bad news is, if this trend continues, Barbie will be the only one left with a Bryant Park show.

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