Twas a Thrilling, Absolutely Chilling Run of the Ascot O'pning Race

when viv and stephen went to the races.jpg

A reader once jeered that we'd love even a napkin if it was made by Vivienne Westwood.

They were totally right - we would. Because that napkin would be the coolest napkin ever.

And if she can make a napkin look amazing, imagine what she can do for Ascot, the beloved British horse races that last for five days every spring at the Ascot racetrack near Windsor Castle.

Anyway, the sort of old-fashioned tradition needed a bit of a pick-me-up so Dame Viv and her milliner equivalent Stephen Jones designed a new look for the races complete with the requisite hat and spring pastels.

Now if we could just land our own Henry Higgins, we'd be off to the races come June.

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