Trendspotting: Bra Tops, Not Just For Oh Henry! Heiresses

bras as tops all over the spring 09 runway.jpg

It's pretty evident that the 90s have made a come back - we all know about the crop tops, but now we're seeing its big sister, the bra as top, all over the runway.

But the bra top raises a couple questions, like:

1. Is it a bra - as in, an undergarment made to wear under one's clothes - or can it actually be considered a top? Cushnie et Ochs certainly thinks the latter, though we wonder what happens in cold rooms or in the rain.

2. Is it really ok to show not just a sliver of your midriff, like with a crop top, but the entire thing?

3. Where exactly is the line between "bra" and "bra top"? Is it in the construction / coverage / use of lace?

I've personally attempted this look with a structured bathing suit top, and another time with a cotton bandeau - BUT, only with high waisted pants. However, the runway's been showing more skin than the new 90210, and, well, unless it's hiding under a blazer, is anyone really going to have their six-pack hanging out like that? (Do regular girls even have six packs?)

So what's the verdict: Runway or reality?


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