Tony Cohen Pleasantly Confuses


We're not exactly sure who Tony Cohen's client is.

First we noticed a woman in a faux leopard beret with matching faux leopard vest atop a rainbow sparkly blouse posing for the photogs. Next, in walked a woman wearing a pink bustier, destroyed tie-dye flared jeans and a very Pam-Anderson hair do with matching lip job (among other things) and I thought, "I know this woman, where do I know her from?" Aha! Angelique from Rock of Love. Not only is she, well, even here at Fashion Week (can we mention again the pink bustier?) but she's front row.

Other front row were the MisShapes, dressed as sleek and dark as always which seemed to be more on the mark for Tony. We could totally see Leigh rocking those leather pants or one of the short, black dresses. While the pants and jackets were kept very angular and tough (we sort of died over the leather jacket), they were perfectly countered by the soft draping of the dresses and tops. The dark plum color and the black and white veiny pattern were a nice break from all the blacks and grays we've been seeing so far.

And to pull it all together, the models were sporting straight hair, completely combed back on one side, sort of like a straight version of the Proenza Spring '09, which means that the Alice Dellal is here to stay.


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