TomKat, the Label?

katie holmes kind of design.jpg

Vogue UK stumbled on a very fun(ny) fact recently:

That Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes approached Richard Prince about "a project" they're working on, and were rejected because Prince said there was "no connection" for him.

So of course, the big question is, what is this project, and could it be a fashion collaboration with the artist a la Louis Vuitton? After all, Katie's been seen out and about sporting outfits she co-designed with her stylist, Jeanne Yang, (at left) so her designer dreams are already evident, thought it would be curious timing since some people are already calling the time of death for celebrity clothing lines, Heidiwood having died quietly last week. (Though, yes, Katie Holmes and Heidi Montag are two very different types of celebrities, who obviously design two very different types of clothing.)

Or maybe Katie and husband are just trying to commission an artist who happens to be very tied to the fashion world?

Let the guessing game begin.

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