Tim Gunn, The New Iron Man?


Marvel Comics is releasing a new series of comic books on August 26th that revolve not around the worlds of Spidey and Clark Kent, but models and fashion.

What we know so far, according the NY Times, is that "Models Inc." will feature a trio of ladies - Spiderman's love Mary Jane, Millicent Collins or Millie the Model, and Patsy Walker who is also a superhero named Hellcat - working to clear Millie of a crime she didn't commit, the murder of a set designer.

And their wise leader? None other than Tim Gunn - who gets to wear Iron Man's suit!

We couldn't think of a better choice. His calming tones and rational thinking are just what your average model turned world-saving superheroine needs, right?

What other real-life fash characters would you have make an appearance? And what would their powers be?

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