Tibi – What Season is This?


Tibi delivered, as expected, an array of colorful and wearable pieces. There was only one problem - we couldn't quite nail down the season. First, there were huge furry hats; then there were bright floor length dresses we'd only seen at the beach; next there were fall appropriate coats - and we're not even going to try to guess in what season you could wear that white, peacock detailed silk jumpsuit.

Even if the show was a little seasonally confused, there were still some things we loved - the long white dress with the peasant embroidered detail was one of our favorites, and it could actually be worn year round. We loved the colors and the flattering wearability of the dresses, yet it sort of peeved us that each short dress was paired with leggings (a look I have a personal vendetta against).

Besides the clothes - the models were fun to watch, too. Lakshmi, Behati, Siri and Tanya D all walked the runway, although strangely, when Tanya got to the end, all the photographers catcalled her. And it didn't happen just once. Each time she posed, the photographers would start hooting and hollering while Tanya tried not to break into a smile.

Looks like someone's got a crush!


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