Those Young People are So Creative

telfar invite small.jpg

We've looked at the schedule for next week so many times, we practically have it memorized. So we've definitely noticed just how many young designers have managed to hold down spots on the matrix, and today, we learned about a couple of the ways they've been making it happen.

First, the Times reported that the Duckie Brown show found solace in a new sponsor - McDonald's. So in addition to hot guys and turtlenecks backstage, we can also expect tons of McCafe coffee and maybe some McSliders (if those don't exist, they should).

And now, we just heard that Telfar, the Liberian prince / New York designer is hosting a public benefit tomorrow night to (hopefully) raise enough cash for his show, currently scheduled for Friday the 13th. Telfar himself will act as one of the rotating Dj's (full party details after the jump).

We expect to find out next that Parsons kids are receiving show-funds for graduation presents - "Now don't touch this account until you're 25 and have a slot in the Tents!"

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