The Ultimate Thriller


I had a folder in elementary school with this picture of Michael Jackson on the front. It actually had a cardboard record coming out of the top like a real album cover...and it was my most prized possession.

Of course, I was as obsessed with his music as any girl in the 80s, but I was also incredibly infatuated with the look—the vest, the yellow, the bow tie. And to be frank, I was completely in love with Michael Jackson.

I could go on for a million years about the moments and the memories that his music brings to mind. I will never forget sitting in the family room with my mom and dad, watching the "Thriller" premiere. For any of you too young to remember, this was a serious national event. When MJ's hair caught on fire on the set of that Pepsi commercial...major disaster! And don't even get me started on all things related to "Man in the Mirror".

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