The OutNet: Outlook Amazing

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When we first heard about Net-a-Porter's soon-to-be discount sister, The OutNet, we thought, "Cool. Plus, all those old items on Net-a-Porter will finally get cleared off the site and hauled off someplace so they stop clogging up our searches."

But it gets even better: Natalie Massenet, the site's founder, just explained exactly how the site will work. The clothes on the new site won't be all the old stuff she couldn't clear, it'll be all the new stuff ordered by department stores that never make it to their shelves because they've over-ordered (and because people are buying a lot less at department stores these days.) So, picture all of the newest clothes from the season's runways, but up to 80% off.


The only bad news? The site now launches in April, not February, as originally planned. So you'll have to stock up your Fashion Week wardrobe someplace else.

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