The Oscars Are Here! The Oscars Are Here!

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We learned a lot of valuable lessons from Rachel Zoe's reality show.

The wise one explained that while she'd love to throw her girls onto red carpets in fashion forward runway looks, the public doesn't always get fashion forward. And so she's forced to put aside her own taste in lieu of more traditional garb. As in, if she veers too far from strapless/sparkly/long De La Renta, US Weekly will have a field day with her poor unsuspecting clients.

It's with that rule in mind that we've chosen what we hope three of the nominees will wear and what we think they'll actually wear.

To begin, we'd die if Kate Winslet wore this Vivienne Westwood. It's her night, she has to win and this is the dress one wears while winning. Plus, we're still not sure exactly why Britain got so pissed over her Golden Globes speech but this would be a nice nod to her homeland.

Amy Adams, please eschew chiffon and jewel tones for a night - you're hot and you can rock this black lace. If you're scared or intimidated, the Oscar De La Renta label is there to comfort you.

Anne Hathaway! Congrats on the nomination. You're hot, too. And young, so very young, too young to wear so much Valentino and the frumpy Chanel couture of late so why not go nuts and wear this super sexy Proenza cut-out gown? Seriously, Ryan Seacrest won't know what to do with himself.

But what do we think they'll actually wear? What do they have to wear to land Best Dressed? Click on my friends.

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