The New Sale Mindset: What Does it Take for You?

barneys sale email alert from yesterday.jpg

Yesterday, when I heard that Scoop was having a 25% off sale on shoes and handbags through Tuesday, I literally scoffed. I thought, "25%? Lame." And that's when I knew my sale perspective has changed.

I used to think 25% was decent. You get to cut the price in half, then in half again to know how much you save. But with all the mega sales these days, 25% kind of sounds like kids' play. Even though just a few months ago, I might have canceled plans to make it to a 40%-off sale, these days, I'm pretty much unmoved unless the magic "75%" is dropped.

Britt says she's unmoved by sales now, too, unless they're offering 95% off (translation: she's not even shopping the sales right now) - though, she does say if it's Vivienne, McQueen or Stella on the block, 35% off is the minimum she needs to hear to ensure attendance. Hayley says she needs to hear at least 80% off now, and Alex says she always only shopped deeply discounted sales anyway, and I'm sure you all know Linda Evangelista's definitely a no-show unless she can somehow make ten grand off the cameo.

Do you find your sales perspective has changed? Or are you just showing up to anything and everything?

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