The Millers Make Good

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Last night, I came to terms with the fact that talking to Matthew Williamson is about as close as I'll ever get to talking to Johnny Depp. And I think I'm ok with that.

He sat front row at Sienna and Savannah Miller's show at some place called The Dairy. We walked down a long gravel path into a champagne and cigarette smoke-filled tent before entering another tent for the super small show.

The British designer and friend to Sienna sat next to Roisin Murphy who sat one seat away from Alexa Chung, a few down from Leigh Lezark (where'd she come from?) who talked to Lydia Hearst.

According to the program, the collection was inspired by Jean Luc Goddard and Charlie Chaplin. According to us, it was inspired by Sienna Miller. There were waistcoats, skinny jeans, super cute girly dresses that were beyond short (and I'm a huge fan of short). The show ended with colorful sequins or beads (I couldn't really tell) over thin black jersey shirts and dresses. Jourdan closed the show with the sexy sparkly dress at left.

And you can add the chunky studded platforms to the list of awesome shoes taking London Fashion Week by storm.

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